Sales & Digital Marketing

Expanding your Customer Engagement,
Reach, & Return

We advance conversations with digital tools and sales expertise to drive your revenue

In today’s highly competitive market, you cannot win waiting around for customers to bring revenue to your business. Telemarketing can be an integral part of your company’s sales and marketing strategy.


Every Customer Interaction Provides an Opportunity for Growth

It can cost up to five times more to sell to a new customer than to make the same sale to an existing one.

We help you convert service interactions into sales opportunities by ensuring that every customer conversation delivers value.

This results in a high performing sales culture, leading to a growth in your revenue. 

We employ unique ways to attract prospects for your business, stimulating them onto the path to eventual purchase. We engage and build relationships focusing exclusively on the prospect’s needs, overcome objections, solicit feedback and clearly answer specific questions.

We turn good leads to appointments.
Our skilled sales ambassadors contact your prospects to promote your products/services. For B2B transactions, we set C-level appointments for face-to-face interaction with your sales team. 

We seek customer opinions to enhance customer satisfaction. We contact your customers to keep the relationship and the brand fresh in their minds. At eSAL we go further to to engage them for feedback on products/services, analyze insights for vital information to drive your decision making.

We keep it clean, rich and accurate.
We understand that data is a valuable asset but only if it's clean and accurate. Our professional team of telemarketers ensure that your data becomes a competitive advantage for your business.

We cut through the noise, engage potential customers and close sales for your business. We rely on years of experience to identify and adapt strategies for selling to various end-customer types and demographics.


eSAL is a premier integrated Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Technology Solutions company in Ghana with offices in Kenya and the United States

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