Industry-Based Case Studies

We are First-Rated in these Areas

eSAL delivers superior customer-focused contact services to multiple industries.
Using our Service Process Analysis™ we gain a thorough understanding of your company’s unique market drivers and gather deeper insights into your customers. We use this knowledge to help enhance service delivery across multiple channels.

We learn about your business, what you do, and how to represent your offering in a way that supports your business strategy. By continuously improving the customer experience, you realize greater retention rates and revenue levels.


An indigenous airline to become a customer-focused company contacted eSAL for an outsourced contact center.
eSAL provided a multichannel contact center that operated 16 hours a day. The center handled customer complaints and enquiries.


A global fintech company that has over 10 million customers worldwide reached out for outsourced multilingual and multichannel support to its customers. eSAL provided an outsourced multichannel contact center that handles up to six foreign languages and the Ghanaian local dialects. The center runs a 24 x 7 x 365 days operation for our clients.


A government healthcare scheme intended to build a world-class customer-facing organization that will be at the core of the relationship between the Scheme and its stakeholders as well as provide the government with monitoring capabilities.. eSAL provided a 30-seat contact center handling both inbound and outbound calls was launched.

Energy & Utilities

An energy and utility company in Ghana was looking for an outsourced partner to handle all enquiries on faults, billing issues, outages, and general information on service delivery. An outsourced contact center platform using eSAL’s multichannel platform was implemented. A 30-seat blended contact center handling both inbound and outbound calls was launched.


Government institution invests in employee skill enhancement via eSAL's customer service training, improving stakeholder interaction, and customer experience, enhancing corporate image. eSAL executed a contact center customer service training that facilitated the customer experience.


A telecommunications provider, in a bid to provide distinct customer service to their subscribers, was looking to elevate their customer experience solution that will facilitate and automate interactions between the organization and its customers across multiple channels.
eSAL Implemented eGain Customer Interaction Management System.


eSAL is a premier integrated Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Technology Solutions company in Ghana with offices in Kenya and the United States

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