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Customer Engagement Solutions

Csutomer Engagement Isn't About Moments, It's About Relationships

It takes more than technology alone to deliver amazing experiences anywhere and any time

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no longer about adding channels. It’s about shifting, combining, and crossing over with context. Technology is essential but it also requires real time insights, aligned and empowered front-line employees, and a willingness to continually improve. Most companies aren’t there yet.

Next Generation Technology

Our solutions helps you meet that challenge by providing you with the tools, technology, and expertise you need to consistently engage with your customers in the channels they want, when they want. We blend services with next-generation technology applications to deploy best-in-class solutions that deliver rewarding experiences, every time. 

Unique Customer Engagement

We help our clients grow their businesses by helping them get to know their customers better. Because Customer Engagement isn’t about moments, it’s about relationships. Better data and deeper insights reveal opportunities. Then creative and analytics turn insights into measurable success and logical next steps.  

Our Executive Model

e.Services has adopted a unique process for developing successful, digitally driven Customer Engagement solutions for clients. The process is divided into six phases to facilitate direction and discovery, identification of opportunities and generation of ideas, engagement and strategy development and implementation, and measurement.

Customer Desire

Identifies which customers to engage, how we want the to engage and pinpoints the value we want to unlock. 


Creates compelling, data-inspired profiles of the customer segments that share similar behaviors, attitudes and motivations, to drive the desire. 

Customer Journey

Maps the identity to reveal relevant moments, activities and touchpoints to relentlessly pursue Customer Engagement opportunities 

Engagement Idea

An effort the provokes or invites individuals to “take a role” in the experiences. 

Engagement Blueprint

Guides the strategic and creative development of the specific touchpoints, value exchanges and overall impact. 

Experience Map

Planning, creative, UX, CRM, and media and analytics teams collaborate to build the Experience Map, and define the KPIs and success metrics. 

Areas of Expertise

Building brands and demand based on customer insights, seller experience and bold creativity. Business to Business Isn’t Business as Usual to Us -We see B2B marketing evolving into BSB – Business Serving Business. We think getting closer to your clients and understanding how best to serve them is essential to disrupting the competition and driving growth. 

Using market analysis and customer insight to support content development, distribution and engagement. Content Drives Consumers- mastering Customer Engagement via content marketing goes far beyond just making good creative. We take a scientific approach to content marketing. Market analysis and customer insight help reach, engage and activate the audience you’re after. 

Combining program design, customer research and data analysis to deliver personalized customer relationship–building experiences. Managing Relationships with Perfect Harmony-We help our clients translate business strategy into engaging personal experiences. We believe that when data and creativity meet, the customer journey gains value for everyone involved. 

Harnessing the power and potential of data for clients, with new capabilities, offerings and technology insight. Data, Deciphered-data inspires creativity, amplifies content and optimizes engagement. So we’re deeply involved in building new capabilities, identifying technology solutions and helping clients harness the power and potential of data throughout their businesses. 

Using social media as a live platform to drive Customer Engagement and realize the value of brands. We Do Social for Grown-Ups - Social media has forever changed the way brands communicate with consumers. Used well, we believe it offers a live Customer Engagement platform that can promote social commerce and take customers from interest to advocacy. 

Enabling seamless, multichannel engagement with customers before, during and after purchase to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.  Building Relationships Through eCommerce
We are specialists in seamless, multichannel engagement with customers before, during and after purchase. For us eCommerce is about more than the transaction, it’s an opportunity to extend awareness, unlock demand and build lasting customer preference. 

Focusing on customers and bringing direct discipline to digital platforms, media and channels. Digital Platforms with a Direct Purpose - Over 90 percent of what we do is digital. And 100 percent of what we do is focused on the people who matter to your business. So we don't just make banners, emails, tweets or posts. We create disciplined, data-based digital direct campaigns that bring measurable results. 

Building experiences that can transform businesses, products and customer relationships. Seamless Experience Improves Engagement-We work with clients to create transformational business platforms. User experience is where storytelling and utility converge to form Customer Engagement. So finding better ways to deliver benefits, provide services, or sell products is one of the most important things we do for our clients. 

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